Freely roaming across the US is great, especially when data roaming is part of the deal. Until now, customers have been able to use data while roaming for free, but it’s not free for T-Mobile. They have to pay fees in order to keep you connected. According to the latest rumors this is all about to change, and T-Mobile will start putting a cap on data roaming usage.

This is an attempt to lower the costs for Magenta subscribers who roam where T-Mobile data coverage is not available. According to a poster at HowardForums, T-Mobile’s upcoming data roaming limits include a 100 MB cap for 5 GB monthly data subscribers and 200 MB for those enjoying 10 GB per month.

But don’t fret over unknown fees and charges; will not see any extra fees once you exceed your data roaming allowance. Instead, T-Mobile will simply not allow you to use the internet anymore, at least until you reach a T-Mobile tower or WiFi (of course).

Avoiding the extra fees may be a great thing for most of us, but some people rely on data while roaming. According to the source, this roaming policy will not be applicable to everyone. “Certain account types are excluded, such as employee accounts and some business accounts.”

For those who need data while roaming, let’s hope they provide some extra data roaming plans. But if extra fees are not your thing, T-Mobile seems to be estimating that about 10,000 users will be able to break the contract without an ETF (Early Termination Fee). So you just might be able to switch to another carrier.

According to newguy78, T-Mobile subscribers should be receiving a notification about these changes within the next few weeks. This might be in the form of an actual letter or a notification upon signing on to my.tmobile.com.

Surely many of you will be quite unhappy about this. But let’s take a small step back and wait to see what happens. This is not yet confirmed, and as always, we should take it with a grain of salt. For now, tell us what you think! Are you a heavy data roamer? Will you be switching carriers if you can?

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