The hilariously awesome Samsung commercial that made the rounds on social networks last night will receive some prominent television placement. Samsung has just announced that its 60-second “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” commercial will air during the NFL Thanksgiving broadcasts on CBS and Fox this Thursday. An abbreviated 15 and 30 second clip will air during college football games this Saturday, and continue running on major TV networks until Christmas Day.

Samsung’s commercial is designed to tout the strength of its U.S. Galaxy S II line and expose to consumers that the iPhone is not the only choice if you’re waiting on the next great phone. (There are also shots thrown at the iPhone 4S not being the iPhone 5 that people expected, and the fanboy reactions to it.) Samsung Mobile CMO Todd Pendleton says, “We want to let people know that there is a better choice out there when it comes to purchasing a smartphone. The next big thing is already here – you can have the latest, most innovative device without waiting in line.”

So what do you think of Samsung’s latest advertisement? We’re big proponents of commercials that focus on what phone does rather than what it is, and drowning the message in spec talk is rarely a good thing. The negativity might also add some blowback. Even though I think iPhone bashing is overdone, this is one case where I couldn’t help but crack a smile. I look forward to seeing how my family reacts to this ad post-turkey.

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