When Samsung first took the wraps off of its new Galaxy Note 3 last year, one of the more notable features of the device was its back cover, which ditched the glossy plastic of its predecessors for a faux leather look. Samsung then used the same leather-like texture on its recently-announced Galaxy S 4 Black Edition, and now a new leak has shown that the South Korean firm has another leather-bound product in its pipeline.

An image shared by @evleaks has given us our first glimpse of the Samsung Chromebook 2, the follow-up to the original Samsung Chromebook that debuted in late 2012. The new Chromebook 2 looks like a mashup of the ATIV Book 9 Plus and Note 3, borrowing the thinness and basic design of the former and combining it with the faux leather texture found on the latter’s backside.

There’s not much known about the Samsung Chromebook 2 aside from what we can glean from this leaked image. The original Samsung Chromebook featured an 11.6-inch display and an Exynos processor, and while it’s definitely possible that the Chromebook 2 will sport similar features, we’ll have to wait until Sammy makes the thing official before we know for sure. It does look like Samsung’s got a new leather-clad Chromebook model on the way, though, and so anyone in the market for a new Chrome OS laptop may want to wait until Samsung’s official Chromebook 2 announcement before pulling the trigger on a new device.

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