Samsung Galaxy Camera…an Android-powered digital camera or camcorder?

Anyone in the mood for an Android-based digital camera or camcorder? We’ve already seen the Altek Leo push the boundaries of what can be expected from a mobile phone camera, and Polaroid seems to be ditching the phone part in favor of a dedicated digital camera powered by Android. Could Samsung being doing the same?

Sammy Hub notes that Samsung has filed for a trademark for the “Samsung Galaxy Camera” name. The USPTO filing reveals that the Galaxy Camera application is for the “Camera and camcorders” section, not for mobile phones. And since Samsung has made “Galaxy” branding so ingrained in its Android products, there’s a very good chance that we may be looking at an Android-powered camera released later this year.

The same benefits of an Android camera I mentioned in my Polaroid hands-on apply here as well – apps, apps, and more apps. Inclusion of the Android Market could enable things like automatic syncing with Dropbox, easier shares to Twitter, immediate uploads to YouTube, on-device editing with Aviary, and more. And based on the Wi-Fi direct demo seen at CES, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a way to hook into a smartphone as well.

The USPTO filing date was on January 31. Maybe this might be one of the products Samsung shows off at Mobile World Congress or perhaps its just a new device that pops up in a press release in a couple of months. I’d put my money on the Galaxy Camera being ready for its close-up sooner than later.

[USPTO] via Sammy Hub, Phandroid

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