Want to meet the creative minds behind the unique look of the Galaxy Nexus? Company blog Samsung Tomorrow has an excellent interview with product designers TaeJoong Kim and GiYoung Lee, where they share their inspirations for the ergonomic design.

The main goal of the Galaxy Nexus design was to capture the beauty of a magnolia petal as it falls to the ground. Both designers described how they were inspired by nature. GiYoung Lee said, “Before, we tried to take inspiration from polished sports cars and other graceful designs, but then we realized that nature was the source of all inspiration.”

“All the design projects I’m working on take cues from nature,” added TaeJoong Kim.  “Nature is authentic and infinite.”

Kim goes on to say that the designers carefully considered materials they would use for the device. A metallic varnish was chosen to give it a “sense of class” and Soft Feel varnish was used on the back, for improved grip.

Check out the full interview for additional details and let us know what you think of the Galaxy Nexus design. Are you a fan of the curved glass? Do you miss those cumbersome buttons?

The inspiration for the Nexus came from an image of a magnolia petal floating in midair.

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