No, I won’t go on about how the Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE took seemingly forever to arrive. I won’t talk about how poorly the launch was handled or how I should have been writing this post weeks ago. In the end, all that matters is that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE is here. It’s in my hands and not on my screen teasing me with leaked photos and release dates. I can finally touch the once mythical device and talk about it in real terms.

It’s been 24 hours since I got my Galaxy Nexus and I’ve been equally impressed and troubled. I’ve been Impressed because the form factor is just that – impressive. With a massive 4.65 inch screen, I expected the Galaxy Nexus to be ridiculously large and bulky. However the device is tall and comfortable, not big and bulky. You will definitely notice a difference between you’re existing phone and the 67.94 x 135.5 x 9.47 mm dimensions of the Galaxy Nexus, but it will not be a deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination.

The Galaxy Nexus LTE has a curved glass, Super AMOLED screen with 1280 x 720 resolution. Gorgeous. That’s all that needs to be said about it. I’ve seen previous reports of suspicions about discoloration or questions about pixel density, but I’m just not seeing what people are talking about. The screen has so far looked great in displaying, text, photo, and video. It’s a joy to look at, especially when I see how snappy the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor handles Ice Cream Sandwich.

I’m not as impressed with the camera, but I expected as much. The sensor on the Galaxy Nexus is not as good as what’s seen in other mobile phones, so picture quality isn’t going to win any awards. However, I will give the Galaxy Nexus credit for being fairly decent at capturing photos in low-light conditions, something most phones can’t say. I’ll post a full gallery later to show things off.

Now for the one thing that has worried me most since I took the Nexus home – battery life. This is too early to really gauge battery life, but things aren’t off to a great start. I know that you’re supposed to give Lithium batteries a couple of charge cycles to really get a sense of how they’ll hold up, but the battery died on me in less than 4 hours yesterday while I was downloading apps. Our friends at Android and Me said that they got more than 8 hours with plenty of juice left, so I’m hoping that I have a defective battery. I’ve disabled 4G since I live just outside of the coverage area, and I’ve decreased screen brightness in hopes that things will improve. I’ll be playing with the Nexus religiously and will be back with more impressions throughout the week, so I hope to have better news to report.


  • 4.65″ HD(1280 x 720) Super AMOLED
  • Contour Display (curved glass)

Size (mm)

  • 67.94 X 135.5 X 9.47 (LTE)


  • 145.5 g (5.1 OZ)


  • WIFI


  • Storage: 32GB internal storage (there is no microSD slot to expand memory)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM


  • 5MP continuous auto focus
  • 1.3MP Front
  • LED Flash
  • Zero shutter lag
  • Video recording in 1080p


  • Varies


  • Micro USB


  • BATTERY: 1850mAh
  • OS: Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
  • CPU: 1.2 GHZ dual core processor
  • MICS: 2 Mics
  • NFC
  • GYRO


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