Samsung Galaxy Nexus sign up page for the Galaxy Nexus goes live

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is going to be the inaugural smartphone for Sprint’s up and coming 4G LTE network.  The Galaxy Nexus represents an enticing smartphone option for die-hard Android enthusiasts as well as casual smartphone users looking for a top-notch device.

Initially, information about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Sprint leaked when Sprint published an ad for the Ice Cream Sandwich device on a CNET blogpost.  At CES 2012, the wireless carrier confirmed the device’s existence and its launch later this year when its 4G LTE is running in multiple markets.  The specs are mainly going to stay the same as the Verizon Wireless model, but there are rumblings of a possible faster processor (dual-core 1.5GHz vs dual-core 1.2GHz) and a bigger battery.  However, we will have to wait for Sprint’s confirmation on the exact specs when it launches in the coming months.

As of a few days ago, Google decided it was appropriate to launch a “Coming Soon” teaser page in which interested consumers can leave their information to be notified when Sprint is going to launch the Galaxy Nexus.  Typically, carriers do not post coming soon pages until the device launch is right around the corner, so hopefully Sprint has good news for its loyal customers in the near future.

Again, if you are interested in learning more about the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint, then you can leave your information at the link below.

[Google Galaxy Nexus Teaser Page]

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