Samsung Galaxy Note coming to AT&T for $  299 Feb. 19, pre orders start Feb. 5

Samsung’s “Is it a phone or a tablet or both?” device is coming to the United States next month. Samsung has just announced the official release date and price for the Galaxy Note, the 5.3-inch hybrid device that straddles the line between really large phone and kind of small tablet.

AT&T will release the Galaxy Note beginning February 19, selling the phone for $ 299 on a two-year agreement. Buyers can choose a color that is carbon blue or ceramic white, and a range of accessories will be available to purchase separately on launch day. Those accessories include a Desktop Dock for charging and propping the phone up, a spare battery and charger system, and a S Pen holder kit. There’s also a flip cover case that acts as a folio, available in black, blue, pink, red, tan, and white.

We’ve already run down the specs of the note on many occasions, but the key takeaways from the device are it’s big Super AMOLED screen with 1280×800 resolution, S Pen system for stylus input and use, 4G LTE support, a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, and an 8 MP / 2 MP rear/front-facing camera combo. You can get more information on the device from our hands-on video recorded at the AT&T Developer Summit at CES.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy Note begin February 5. Any order processed before February 15 will be arrive at a buyer’s home February 17, two days prior to in-store availability.

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