Galaxy Note

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note a few months back, it was obvious that Android enthusiasts were excited about the hybrid tablet phone. But we never imagined that Samsung would ship 1 million units of the Galaxy Note in roughly two months. Keep in mind that the number of units shipped is always going to be higher than the number of units actually sold to consumers.

Regardless of how Samsung is calculating the success of the Galaxy Note, it’s clear that consumers are interested in a device that can bridge the gap between the smartphone and the tablet. The Galaxy Note’s 5.3-inch display delivers a unique user experience, the likes of which we really haven’t seen since the Dell Streak 5.

Samsung is expecting shipments of the Galaxy Note to increase into 2012 with the phone’s expected Q1 launch in the US market. The Samsung Galaxy Note has already made two separate appearances at the FCC (both times featuring support for AT&T’s network bands), but we’re hoping Samsung goes the route of the Galaxy S II and releases the US version of the Galaxy Note on as many carriers as possible. Of course, you can always buy an unlocked Galaxy Note from Amazon for $ 680 if you simply can’t wait any longer. You won’t be able to hop on AT&T’s blazing fast 4G LTE network, but you will be the talk of the town.

Will you be buying the Samsung Galaxy Note once it makes its US debut?


Samsung Electronics Ships over 1 Million Units of Galaxy Note Globally

Samsung’s flagship smart device Galaxy Note has reached 1 million global shipping.

Samsung Electronics said on the 29th that it has shipped more than 1 million units of Galaxy Note globally. The worldwide sales of Galaxy Note are also on the rise in Europe and Asia including France, Germany, Hongkong and Taiwan. The rapid global sales of Galaxy Note are notable since it is creating a new market for something between smartphone and tablet pc. The speed of the global sales is expected to accelerate further next year when it will be available in the US.

Recently, Financial Times reviewed highly of Galaxy Note, commenting it as”a happy medium for consumers who want to carry just one device, rather than both a smartphone and a tablet and whatever other portable gadget they pick up on their way out”.

A Samsung official also said “1 million global shipping of Galaxy Note means it has well positioned itself as a market creator,” also adding “Samsung will continuously strengthen its leadership in the global smartphone market as well as create new markets with innovative devices.”

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