Samsung is considering providing Galaxy S users with a “Value Pack” instead of Android 4.0

We learned a few days ago that Samsung was going to readdress the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab problem in terms of upgrading it to Android 4.0.  Previously, it announced to the public that it was going to upgrade these two devices to Android 4.0 because of the older hardware being used.  Unfortunately for Samsung, this announcement caused widespread backlash on the company as customers want to purchase a phone from a manufacturer that has a strong history of upgrading their phones to newer Operating Systems.

Even though Samsung promised to re-examine the situation, it looks like they may be taking the easy route and simply upgrading the version of Gingerbread the Galaxy S and Tab are running to reflect some of the Ice Cream Sandwich features.  Samsung is calling this upgrade of Gingerbread a “Value Pack.”  The Value Pack will contain features such as multi-tasking improvements, faster web access, and new widgets.

It’s clear that the owners of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab want to be brought up to speed with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but Samsung seems unwilling to expend so many resources on making this a reality.  I am sure we will find out in a few weeks how Samsung plans to handle the Android 4.0 situation, but at least they are willing to do something for the customers with the Value Pack upgrade.


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