Korean manufacturer rightfully expects Galaxy S5 sales to surpass that of the Galaxy S4

Samsung has just released its earnings report for the first quarter of 2014, ending a relatively flat three months with either modest gains or declines for most areas of its business. The company as a whole ended Q1 with $ 51.8 billion in revenue, up slightly year-over-year, leading to $ 8.2 billion in operating profit and $ 7.3 billion in net profit. The mobile side of Samsung’s business alone made up $ 30.29 billion of that revenue and $ 6.2 billion in operating profit — a huge portion of the company’s overall earnings.

Though market demand is naturally lower in Q1 than it is in Q4 each year, Samsung saw mobile operating profits jump 18 percent from the end of 2013. It naturally called out strong sales of the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 as being big sales drivers in the quarter, making way for the Galaxy S5 which didn’t actually launch until after the quarter ended. Samsung expectedly says that the Galaxy S5 is set to sell more than its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, over time. Tablet sales remained “solid,” with total shipments reaching nearly 13 million in the quarter.

Source: Samsung

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