Though KitKat has been out for quite a while, not many devices have received it. Outside of the Nexus devices and the Moto X, the latest version of Android has only begun to roll out to major flagships. Samsung has come far in its rollout, with most models already getting the update around the world. But the US is another story.

Currently, Sprint is ahead of everyone with these updates, and AT&T is right behind. However, it looks like T-Mobile is getting ready to release KitKat for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The company has already dropped the source code for this new update. When source code drops before an update, it means the update is finished and right around the corner.

Developers may be interested in checking out the source code, while regular users will just have to wait for the update to start rolling out. The update isn’t huge, bringing some UI tweaks and fixes, so don’t expect much. Tell us if you start receiving the update!

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