Samsung will advertise Galaxy Note in expensive 90-second Super Bowl commercial

Samsung is announcing something “big” during Super Bowl XLVI. The Korean giant could mean big literally, as in the size of its device, or figuratively, as in the reception the company hopes to receive. Whichever kind of big Samsung meant, the just-announced for AT&T Galaxy Note will be advertised during Sunday’s big game.

On its Google+ page, Samsung Mobile revealed that the company will run its first ever Super Bowl advertisement. Sammy’s out to impress with a 90-second advertisement, the longest commercial to air during Super Bowl XLVI. Considering that a 30-second ad costs an estimated $ 3.5 million, it’s safe to say that this will be quite the expensive coming-out party for the Galaxy Note (sidenote: Super Bowl ad rates for longer commercials like this might cost less because networks don’t typically charge full rates when a company buys so much time in a broadcast. See AdWeek for more.)

It’s surprising to hear that Samsung would make such an aggressive push for the Galaxy Note. While the device is certainly interesting and sure to please, I never thought that Samsung had enough faith in its U.S. chances to spend what might be more than $ 10 million in less than two minutes . Then again, the company has plenty of money to throw behind its Android products, and you never get as many eye balls glued to the television in the U.S. as you do on Super Bowl Sunday.

There’s no word yet on what direction the ad will take, but we can only hope Samsung hired whoever is behind those “Dude, You’re A Barista” and “We Got Samsung’d” commercials. The last thing we need is another repeat of the dreadful Sony Xperia Play and Motorola Xoom ads that appeared during last year’s Super Bowl.

Keep an eye out for the ad. I’ll be watching as I cheer on my New York Giants, and I’m sure staff writer Ben Crawford will be doing the same for his New England Patriots.

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