Samsung wins another battle against Apple in Hague. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is legal in the Netherlands

We have gotten used to the legal battles between Apple, on one side, and Samsung or Motorola, on the other, and today yet another episode of this war has been ruled against the iPod, iPhone and iPad’s makers.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been cleared for sale in the Netherlands, according to a ruling by a court in Hague. The decision is final and can’t be attacked by Apple at a different court, being the result of an appeal after the ruling of another Dutch court in October 2011.

The accusations, as you might suspect, refer to the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s design, which Apple is ”suspecting” to have been copied after the iPad 2. However, the Court of the Hague has determined what most of us knew already (and what’s pretty clear even for a non-legal expert), and that is there are in fact enough differences between the two products to legally justify their coexistence.

As expected, Samsung has immediately offered an official response to the matter, with Geert Mol, Marketing Manager at Samsung Mobile declaring himself ‘’very pleased’’ about the ruling. ‘’This proves that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is distinctive and supports what we have always said. ‘’ declared Mol right after the court’s decision.

Even though Samsung has won yet another battle against Apple, the patent war between the two electronics giant is set to continue. Just a week ago, Apple filed a German lawsuit for patent infringements on no less than ten Samsung smartphones and there are also a bunch of other open legal actions in countries like South Korea, Australia and even the United States.

Apple is yet to won a single patent battle against Samsung or Motorola, but the US-based company is relentless in its efforts to prove that they are the single most original tech manufacturer on today’s market. Will they ever make it? Stay tuned on our website in the following months for updates!


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