Satechi R1 delivers a sleek, adjustable stand for your Android tablet

A tablet resting on the desk? That’s cool. A tablet propped-up at angles more conducive to you viewing on your desk? That’s much more desirable. That’s also what you’ll get with the Satechi R1 ARM Series, a metal stand that can keep a tablet at just the right angle.

The R1 ARM Series is made of aluminum, so you’ll get a well-built and premium-looking material stand to place on your desk, countertop, or other surface. Smooth rubber pads are on the front surface and bottom hooks that keep the tablet in place, so your device will be secure and unscratched during use. Rubber pads on the bottom also protect the stand from being damaged or ruining the surface below it.

Pretty much any Android tablet will fit comfortably in the R1. I tested it with a light Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but heavier devices like the Motorola Xoom are supported as well. Satechi designed the R1 to evenly distribute weight to stability. Both the rear hinge that keep balance and the top hinge that holds the tablet are adjustable, so users have plenty of viewing angles to choose from. That includes what a tablet is in portrait, landscape, or even flat.

The R1 stand is foldable and light, so it can be portable (Satechi even includes a black travel pouch). So you pretty much have to love everything…except the price. The R1 sells for $ 49 USD, which can be pretty expensive if you aren’t someone who would see a consistent benefit for this kind of accessory. There are plastic tablet stands that cost half as much. Granted, those stands are not nearly as nice, they are still more affordable. At the same time, all tablet stands are unnecessary, so if you can afford to spend an extra $ 20 and get a much better product in the process, the Satechi R1 Arm is a good buy.

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