After years of being teased by Google with references to a system-wide Dark Mode, it finally arrived with the release of Android 10. With this update, just about all of your applications will automatically transition to a darker theme. Not only does it just simply look better, but with OLED displays, dark mode helps to provide better battery life and prevent screen burn-in. With that said, we have found many of the best apps with a Dark Mode available for your Android device.

What does Google have to offer?

It would only make sense for Google to lead the charge by updating its apps to feature some type of Dark Mode. The rollout has been slow, but many of the apps finally switch to Dark Mode when your phone does. These are just some of Google’s apps that offer a darker theme so you won’t burn your eyes when looking at your phone at night.

Check your mail


Gmail is the de-facto pick for those who don’t feel like finding a third-party email app to use. Recent updates have added better organization, improved dark mode, and the ability to add non-Gmail accounts.

Free at Google Play

Swiss army knife

Google Keep

Do you need to take some notes? What about that packing list for your upcoming trip? Google Keep does all that and more, with the ability to even use it as a task manager. There are plenty of customization options for your various lists, or you can just use it as a scratchpad.

Free at Google Play

Podcasts are the new radio

Google Podcasts

Although this is a standalone app, you can use Google Podcasts directly from the Search app on your Android phone. The app makes it easy to keep track of your subscriptions, with customizable playback speeds and the ability to skip over periods of silence.

Free at Google Play

Make a call


Your phone wouldn’t be a phone if it weren’t for a dialer app. Google includes this for every Pixel device, but it can be downloaded and used even if you don’t own a Pixel. Plus, Google has brought Call Screening, Duo Video Calling, and even Spam Protection to the app.

Free at Google Play

Send a text


Despite the myriad of “chat” apps, Google Messages seems to be the new default for many, especially with the arrival of Rich Communication Services (RCS). This turns your text conversation into more of a chat, with many features that Android users have wanted from Apple’s iMessage.

Free at Google Play

What time is it?


Whether you’re setting an alarm, adding a timer, or using the stopwatch, Google’s Clock app takes care of it all for you. The Clock app allows you to set your favorite song as an alarm, while also letting you keep track of the time in different time zones across the globe.

Free at Google Play

Where am I going?

Google Maps

Google Maps is arguably the best navigation app for devices across the world. It’s easy to see why when you see integration with the likes of Uber and Lyft, along with real-time traffic updates and the ability to see what transit lines are looking like. Plus, you can discover more places if you and your friends want somewhere new to go for happy hour.

Free at Google Play

Current events

Google News

As soon as you open the News app, you are provided with the top five headlines of the day, giving you a glimpse of what’s going on. With the “Full Coverage” section, these news headlines are broken down and you are provided with the sources for each so you can stop worrying about Fake News.

Free at Google Play

Type it out


There are a lot of third-party keyboard apps on the Play Store, but Gboard has remained a constant. The app sports all of the main features one could want, including GIF and Emoji search, but you can even customize exactly how your keyboard looks every time it comes up on your device.

Free at Google Play

Browse the web


Everyone needs a web browser, and Chrome is one of the best with cross-platform syncing and more. Personalized results appear as you type, and there’s built-in Password Autofill so you don’t have to switch to your password manager. Chrome also makes it easy to quickly view web pages offline and download videos so you can watch them later.

Free at Google Play

Make it pop


Snapseed is a fantastic way to edit all of your pictures, with almost 30 different types of tools and filters. The app also supports both JPG and RAW image files, so you won’t have to worry about looking elsewhere for editing.

Free at Google Play

Where videos begin


What more can you say about YouTube? Despite its faults, YouTube continues to thrive and is THE place to go if you want to watch a video about the latest Android phone or to end up in a black hole wasting hours learning about topics you’ll forget about tomorrow.

Free at Google Play

Track those steps

Google Fit

It’s tough to just get off the couch and start working out, but Google Fit makes it easier than ever, giving you the confidence you need. The app features “personalized coaching,” which provides the tools and tips you need if you want to shed some pounds. If you have a smartwatch, it will sync the data between the watch and the Fit app so your data is available everywhere.

Free at Google Play

Sit back and read

Google Play Books

Few things are as enjoyable as sitting back on a Sunday morning and catching up on your current favorite book. Google Play Books not only gives you a library of books at your fingertips but also offers personalized recommendations when it’s time to pick a new one.

Free at Google Play

Digital phonebook

Google Contacts

We are far removed from the days where you had to remember your friends’ phone numbers by heart. Our smartphones take care of this now, but you’ll need a way to keep them all organized and Contacts is there to help. The app makes it easy to back up and sync your contacts across all of your devices.

Free at Google Play

Keep in touch with everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re just sending texts or chatting with your friends about your weekend plans; you need to keep in touch with friends and family everywhere, even if you don’t want to. These are the best messaging apps that feature some type of Dark Mode for your Android device.

Next-gen messaging

Pulse SMS

Google Messages offers a lot of functionality, but it took a long time to get there. Pulse SMS is a third-party app that gave users features they wanted long before Google. The app sports a slew of customization features, and you can even use it from your computer or tablet if you don’t want to pick up your phone.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Privacy matters

Signal Private Messenger

Being able to have all of your messages encrypted is important, especially if you don’t want personal information falling into the wrong hands. Signal Private Messenger offers end-to-end encryption for messages, voice calls, video chats, and more. You can even set it so messages disappear after a set time.

Free at Google Play

Built for gamers


Regardless of what kind of games you play, chances are you end up chatting with your friends over Discord. The app is not just for gamers though since you can create communities and voice channels with push-to-talk or voice detection.

Free at Google Play

Experimentally superior

Telegram X

Telegram X is the Telegram client for those who want to be on the cutting-edge of features. The app offers faster animations, experimental features, and of course, dark mode. A recent update even added the ability for you to pose a question in a chat as a poll, which is great for trying to decide where to go for dinner with friends.

Free at Google Play

Not just for calls


Skype has evolved to the point where it’s become another great option for those who want a single communication app. You can make video and voice calls, send SMS messages, all while getting access to in-line Giphy support and built-in annotation for images.

Free w/ ads at Google Play

All the customization

Textra SMS

One of the biggest selling points for getting an Android device is the amount of customizability offered across the board. Textra SMS embodies this by offering the ability to customize just about every single aspect of the app. There are even add-ons that can be downloaded to give you the style of emoji that you want to see.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Where “work” gets done


Slack was originally positioned as a team communication and collaboration tool but has turned into so much more. This is even true for those who have groups of friends that want to keep in touch but don’t like the other chat apps. There are more integrations than you can think of, even allowing you to send customized emoji to your groups.

Free at Google Play

For everyone else

Facebook Messenger

No matter how hard you may try to get away from Facebook, it’s tough to get away from Facebook Messenger. This is another way for that great-aunt that you haven’t seen in years to reach out to you without needing your phone number. There are a lot of different features built-in, including the ability to quickly send money, and even play games and compete with your friends.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

All of the features

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the free, all-in-one messaging platform for many people across the globe. You can send free messages, make free phone calls, and don’t have to worry about any hidden subscription fees. The app just works over your cellular or Wi-Fi connection, so as long as you’re connected, you can send messages.

Free at Google Play

Social media is everything nowadays

No matter where you go, social media is there. Social media helps to make the world go ’round, but you’ll need a good app to use the platform that you enjoy more than others. These are our favorite Dark Mode social media apps.

Refreshing interface

Fenix 2 for Twitter

There is a lot to be frustrated about when it comes to Twitter’s first-party application, but Fenix 2 puts those frustrations to rest. The app offers a beautiful and customizable interface while supporting multiple accounts and has built-in support for external websites. The mute system offered by Fenix 2 also is more reliable than other Twitter clients.

$ 5 at Google Play

Front page of the web


Combine all of the different social media platforms and you’ll end up with Reddit, which operates as the “front page of the internet.” There are more than 100,000 active communities so that you can find your niche and talk with like-minded people. The mobile app even offers Chat, Community Group Chat, and more.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Slowly taking over


Facebook started as just another innocent way to keep in contact with friends but has since grown to a giant in the tech world. The Facebook app lets you see funny memes, share what you’re doing, join groups, and more. Just be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole of videos that may show up in your timeline.

Free at Google Play

All for the ‘Gram


We all take pictures almost daily and want somewhere to show them off, good or bad. Instagram has become THE place to do that since you don’t have to worry about weird image compression. Plus, with Instagram Stories, share what you’re doing in video clips if pictures don’t do it justice.

Free at Google Play

Tweets, still not editable


Even with the 240-character limit, Twitter is the place where everyone shares their thoughts. The app does a decent job of giving you the “top” content from your following list if you have been away for a bit. I’m still waiting for the day where we can edit tweets.

Free w/ ads at Google Play

Material Reddit

Relay for Reddit

Relay for Reddit has been around for years and features a beautiful Material Design layout. The app makes it easy to peruse and get lost in Reddit while giving moderators the features that they need. You’ll also be able to preview pictures, gifs, and even YouTube videos while scrolling without switching to another app.

Free / $ 4 at Google Play

Sit down and put words to (digital) paper

Not everyone is a writer, and not everyone can put thousands of words together in complete sentences in just a few hours. However, at some point, you will need to get the thought out of your head and onto paper, and these are the best apps to do so.

No distractions

iA Writer

iA Writer offers a distraction-free writing experience, a simple file management system, and the ability to write in Markdown with ease. The app is available on all of the platforms you could think of so your notes and writing materials will be available regardless of what kind of device you are using.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Just the basics


Simplenote doesn’t offer a flashy interface or a lot of extra features that might bog you down. The app makes it easy to just open it, get your thoughts or ideas out, and keep moving. But you can use it for your grocery list or packing list if you see fit.

Free at Google Play

For the writers


Are you ready to try and sit down and write a book? No? Okay, then just a long-form assignment. JotterPad was designed with creative writers in mind. This plain text editor provides a distraction-free experience. With cloud storage integration, all of your writing will be saved for access anywhere you need.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Capture everything

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote from Microsoft puts you in control of all of the content you need to get out of your head. You can create different notebooks, capture all kinds of media, and store everything in one place. With Microsoft Office 365, these notes will be available on all of your devices, even the web.

Free at Google Play

Digital notebook


The people that swear by Evernote do so for good reason. The app and its services have been around for years. Add web clippings, PDFs, videos, audio, and more to your notebooks if you need to keep something stored. There’s even integration with Microsoft Office so that you can attach various documents or photos to Evernote notebooks.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Perfectly simplistic

BlackNote Notepad Notes

Unlike other apps on this list, BlackNote Notepad Notes is a simple note app that only features a dark mode. This makes it possible to relieve eye strain if you are staring at your phone screen for hours on end. You can star notes, lock notes, and create quick and easy checklists for whatever you need.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Peruse the interwebs

There are almost as many browser apps as there are keyboard apps on the Play Store. These come in all different shapes and sizes, but the good thing about having options is that you can find the browser that works for you. Here are a few apps that not only work amazingly but also have a dark theme to take advantage of.

Browse safely

Brave Browser

Ads are an annoying but necessary evil, but if you want to browse the web with fewer ads and more privacy, then Brave is your best bet. The app offers fast and secure browsing, along with battery and data-saving features. Plus, you’ll be able to peruse the web up to four times faster than your current browser.

Free w/ ads at Google Play

Mobile extensions

Samsung Internet Browser

It was only a matter of time before mobile browsers began supporting add-on features like extensions. Samsung’s Internet Browser does this with various add-ons, provided that you have the Galaxy Store available. There are also plenty of customization options so you can make your browser look the way you want.

Free at Google Play

Different from the rest

Kiwi Browser

Based on Chromium, Kiwi Browser offers super-fast load times for various web pages. There’s a built-in ad blocker that doesn’t require any additional downloads, and it blocks hackers from using your phone to mine crypto-currency.

Free at Google Play

Don’t lose your files

You have a mini-computer in your pocket and that means you’ll be downloading files at some point. Whether it’s a meme you found on Reddit or a new song from your buddy’s SoundCloud, you’ll need a way to manage those files. These are the best apps to use to not only manage your files on the go but also to save some battery life.


Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer makes it easy to manage your files, even if you have a rooted Android device. You can create password-protected ZIP files and extract other ZIP or RAR files directly to your phone. Best of all, Solid Explorer does this with a sleek and customizable design.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

No ads to be found

FX File Explorer

When trying to keep your files organized, it can be annoying to have to deal with ads popping up every once in a while. FX File Explorer removes those annoyances as you won’t ever have to worry about ads cropping up. Plus, you’ll be able to access all of your files, even those found in different cloud storage services.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Do everything and anything

MiXplorer Silver

MiXplorer Silver gives you all the features that you could want in a file browser and then some. There is support for almost 20 different cloud storage integrations, along with the ability to pack and unpack different file types from a single app. It also offers a built-in media player with support for VLC codecs and more.

$ 4.49 at Google Play

It’s time to get things done

Everyone has a series of tasks have to be completed on a day-in and day-out basis. We’ve all been in a position where you remember something that needs to be done, only to forget it later and get frustrated. With these apps, you can keep track of your tasks and projects and manage your emails.

Robust or simple


There are to-do and project management apps, and then there’s Todoist. The app is customizable to handle everything you need to get done, regardless of whether it’s a grocery list or a huge multi-step project. The widgets make it easy to see what’s coming up at a glance, and there is integration with other services like Slack, Gmail, and even Amazon Alexa.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Your own Wiki


If you need some databases for different aspects of your life, Notion makes it easy to create your own Wiki. The app works based on “blocks” that can be added to different pages, and then sub-pages can be displayed on the primary page. Notion also offers offline support, and syncs across all of your devices.

Free at Google Play

Organize your life

Although specific task management may be a bit lacking compared to others, makes up for it with the ability to keep all aspects of your life organized. The app includes a built-in to-do list, calendar, daily planner, and offers reminders for anything that you need.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Plain-text organization

Orgzly: Notes & To-Do Lists

Instead of just putting your thoughts in a notebook, Orgzly takes things to the next step by offering a simplistic look with a myriad of power tools. Each note can contain sub-notes, tasks, and can be configured to act as a to-do list or standard note. You can even schedule notes to send a notification when they need to be referenced or used.

Free at Google Play

Integrations galore

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft has diligently been working to improve various aspects of Outlook to make it more robust. This includes integrating a built-in Calendar and email highlights through mentions. Plus, you’ll get the standard Microsoft Integrations from the likes of Word, PowerPoint and many more.

Free w/ ads at Google Play

Email for power users

Spark Mail

The email inbox has become a way for spam to make it into our lives and prevent us from seeing those important emails. With Spark Mail’s email prioritization, those concerns have been removed, and it’s easier than ever to reach the ever-elusive Inbox Zero.

Free at Google Play

What day is that thing?

Calendar apps are a dime a dozen, and for good reason; there hasn’t been a contender that does everything. A few apps, like Google Calendar, have gotten close, but developers are constantly working on new features to create the “best” calendar app. These are some of our favorite apps to use to make sure you know when to schedule your vacation.

Flexible scheduling

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal makes it easy to manage your calendar while syncing between Google Calendar, Outlook, or Exchange. There are seven different agenda views to choose from, along with six different calendar widgets to use. You can even subscribe to different calendars for things like sporting events and TV schedules.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Designed for Google Cal


Instead of offering integration with other calendar services, aCalendar focuses on making it easier than ever to manage your Google Calendar. This app includes seven different widgets and customizable event colors, all while using Android’s native backend synchronization. And if you sign up for aCalendar+, 10% of the purchase goes towards rainforest conservation, so what do you have to lose?

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Beautiful widgets

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Instead of working as a calendar app with widgets, this app only works as a widget that ties into your calendar. However, the real fun comes when you are setting up the widget for the first time since you’re provided with every customization option imaginable. You can make the widget as complicated and colorful as you want, or as minimal and low-key as you need.

$ 2 at Google Play

Become a better you

From counting calories to starting healthy habits, everyone needs to try to become the best version of themselves. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps to test out. These are some of the best apps you can use to become a better you while giving you that sweet-looking dark theme.

Plan your meals


Lifesum is the all-in-one app for those who want to lose weight, along with keeping track of calories and more. There are personalized diet plans for your needs, and you can discover healthy recipes as you work closer to your goal. All of this makes it easy to keep track of your calorie intake daily so that you know that you’re on the right track.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Create a healthy lifestyle

Withings Health Mate

Health Mate takes all of your health data and compiles it into an easy-to-view dashboard showing all different bits of info. This includes your activity, sleep, weight, and makes it easy to even monitor your blood pressure. Health Mate also takes all of your information and provides you methods for reaching your weight and health goals.

Free at Google Play

Extra motivation


Whether you realize it or not, you likely have a few bad daily, weekly, and monthly habits. However, when it comes to starting a new habit, it can be rather tough and HabitHub helps to combat the strains and stress Create a new habit in the app and track it while building long streaks, which in turn gives you more motivation.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Routine of positivity

Productive – Habit tracker

Productive is a beautifully-designed habit tracking application that makes it easy to plan your habits around your schedule. Then, you can set reminders for those habits based on the time of the day. After you have built up a nice streak, there’s a dashboard full of statistics on how you have been performing.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Food diary

Calorie Counter by Lose It!

One great way to lose weight is to keep track of what you eat or drink. There are general suggestions on how many calories a person should intake, and Calorie Counter by Lose It! makes this easy. The app has been around since 2008 and has continued to be developed and makes calorie counting fun instead of being a burden.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Not just for Samsung

Samsung Health

Samsung Health works with your phone or connected smartwatch/fitness tracker to analyze your different workouts. Even if you aren’t specifically working out, it will keep track of what you’re doing to either encourage you to push harder or pat you on the back. Plus, with the built-in food tracker, you can figure out what food you should cut out to meet your goals.

Free w/ ads at Google Play

Manage your passwords securely

Gone are the days (hopefully), of managing your passwords on a piece of paper and sticking it on the fridge. There are so many great password managers available on your smartphone now, and these apps work to keep your data safe, protected, and private. These are a few of our favorites.

Simply elegant


No matter what, everyone should have a password manager, and 1Password is one of the most elegant and simple solutions. The app works on all of your devices while storing much more than just your passwords. Everything is automatically encrypted as soon as it’s been entered, and you can lock the app remotely if your device has been lost or stolen.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Local security

Enpass Password Manager

Enpass is a bit different when it comes to other password managers since the app provides templates to save all of your most important information. It keeps all of the data stored locally and doesn’t take advantage of servers. This means that your passwords are available for offline use and you won’t have to worry about a possible data breach.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Next level security


In addition to being a warehouse for your passwords and private information, Dashlane steps things up a notch. The app will alert you if there are breaches or hacks with a website or service that you use, along with alerting you if your information is found on the Dark Web. Plus, there’s a built-in VPN that you can use so that you can browse safely and securely without worrying about being compromised.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Podcasts, videos, music, and more

Whether it’s on the drive to work, on your lunch break, or at the end of the day, you will need some “you” time. These are the perfect times to jump into a podcast, watch your favorite streamer, or just rock out to some good tunes. When it comes to finding the right media consumption app, there are plenty of choices, but these are our favorites.

More than podcasts

Podcast Addict

Podcasts are taking over the world as the new radio stations, but more personalized and with fewer commercials. Podcast Addict takes your podcasts and provides them in an easy-to-understand interface that looks beautiful. It also makes it possible to listen to audiobooks, and even watch YouTube or Twitch channels.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Works everywhere

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a fantastic podcast player for those with multiple devices since it works across different platforms. The app works with audio and video while integrating with the likes of Sonos, Amazon Alexa, Android Auto, and more. And with the various “Smart Tools,” you can customize podcast playback and pick up where you left off if you go from your Android phone to your computer.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Audio, video, and more

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is not just for video playback anymore, although it’s one of the best for those who want to watch videos with odd codecs. The developers integrated a full audio player so that VLC can become your one-stop choice to enjoy your favorite stored content. Plus, you can access your home server if you happen to be on the road and want to watch something different.

Free at Google Play

Immerse yourself elsewhere

Amazon Kindle

Regardless of whether you are reading books, comics, or the news, the Amazon Kindle app can be your central hub. With more than six million books available, Kindle has something for everyone, and some of those include narration via Audible. Plus you can take advantage of “send to Kindle” and annotate and review your various PDFs and other documents.

Free w/ ads at Google Play

Gamer streaming


Esports is a booming business and one big reason is due to streaming services like Twitch. This makes it easy for streamers to create communities while broadcasting gameplay sessions and more. With the Twitch app, you can watch all of your favorite streamers, participate in the live chat, and more.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Your music, your way

Retro Music Player

There are those out there who still rely on downloaded music libraries to enjoy their favorite songs and albums. With Retro Music Player, users get a refreshingly simple interface to interact with and play your favorite music. The app sports three different themes, along with widgets, sleep timers, and much more.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Stay up to date with everything

The news is moving at a more rapid pace than ever, and if you blink, you could miss something. With these apps, you can follow your favorite news outlets, blogs, and more, and then save those articles for later. Plus, they all have gorgeous Dark Mode themes to help your eyes while reading.

Personalize the news


News apps, in general, can be rather frustrating if you often run into the content you don’t care about. With Feedly, you customize your feeds of news, so you can read your favorite blogs, along with the popular publications. Feedly even makes it possible to “subscribe” to YouTube channels, all in a beautiful and simple interface.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Read it later


What happens when you’re in the middle of reading something and you get interrupted? You could always leave it open in the browser and go back later, or you could send it to an app like Pocket. This app is a service that not only makes it easy to store content to read later but also features a clean interface and provides suggested articles for you.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Follow your favorite authors


Some folks stick to publishing their thoughts and ideas on certain websites, but Medium does things differently. This is a platform for writers and publications to share content that differs from what you’ll see in the mainstream. And the best part is that whether you’re a writer or consumer, Medium handles everything for you with ease.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Don’t forget the umbrella

Keeping track of the weather is something that nobody wants to do, but everyone kind of has to do. It’s one thing to look at your window and see the sun shining, but do you know whether you can leave the umbrella and coat behind? These apps all have great dark themes while giving you the weather information you need.

Minutecase accuracy


Nobody wants to get caught in a surprise rainstorm, and AccuWeather makes it so you won’t have to worry about that. The app provides up-to-the-minute updates on the weather around you, including severe weather alerts, temperature, and more. With the built-in radar, you’ll be able to see what’s coming in real-time.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Simplistic beauty

Today Weather

Instead of relying on throwing a bunch of extra features in the app, Today Weather takes data from other sources and provides a beautiful interface. The app is simple to use and provides different views for what weather is to come. Plus, various alerts can be set for severe weather, or even just if it’s about to rain.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Radar and satellites

Weather Underground

Weather Underground gives you all of the pertinent weather information you need, along with high-resolution satellite and radar images. Plus, the app displays things like wind speeds, humidity, UV index, and even shows local flu outbreaks. The app is easily customizable so you can make it look and work the way you want.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Some more of our favorites

Going through and finding “the best” apps for any category can be rigorous, but it’s what we love to do. However, some apps don’t necessarily fall into a specific category and are still worth a mention. Here are those apps.

Supercharged cloud storage

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is great for those tied to the Office 365 world as it serves as the hub for all of your files, pictures, videos, and much more. With the help of automatic tagging, you’ll be able to find that picture from your vacation a few years ago. Plus, you can access all of your folders from within the OneDrive app without needing to be connected to a network.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Personalize your home screen

Nova Launcher

When it comes to third-party launchers, the first suggestion you hear is likely Nova Launcher. This launcher has been a staple on the Play Store for years and is being continuously developed with new features being added. And you can set Dark Mode to be on all the time or to turn on a specific time based on your needs.

Free w/ IAP at Google Play

Not just for beginners

Guitar Toolbox

If you’re learning to play guitar, then you’ll need to get familiar with tuning your guitar pretty quickly. Guitar Toolbox not only makes it easy to learn how to tune your guitar but also features a built-in metronome and a chord library. The app sports a simplistic design, so you won’t have to worry about digging through a myriad of menus to find something simple.

Free w/ ads at Google Play

Personalized keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

In addition to being another great keyboard replacement for Android, SwiftKey Keyboard learns how you write. This makes it easy for the app to provide the right suggestions so that you can send your messages faster than ever. SwiftKey also includes a built-in theme builder, giving you the ability to customize all aspects of your keyboard.

Free at Google Play

Invest in your future


Gone are the days of being afraid of investing your money because of it being handled by someone else. Robinhood makes it possible for you to invest money right from your phone, regardless of whether it’s in stocks or crypto-currency. Then, you’ll be provided with real-time data, relevant news, and notifications for important events.

Free at Google Play

Automate everything


Tasker is the app that you need if you are even halfway interested in automation on Android. The app features plenty of add-ons that can work with different aspects and different applications. And the best part is that you don’t need to root your Android phone to make all of this work.

$ 3.49 at Google Play

There are so many more

The apps that we have listed above are just some of the options you can download with great Dark Mode themes. There are more and more apps being updated regularly, and even more being released that have darker themes built right in. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a task management app, guitar tuner, local music player, or something out of left field, there’s an app that can solve a problem or few.

Even with the OLED display panels getting better over the last few years, there’s more to worry about than just screen burn-in. Your eye health is of utmost importance and while we stare at screens for hours on end, it’s important to step back and recognize that something needs to give. Developers across the world have been integrating dark themes into apps, and Google finally brought it to Android 10. So do yourself a favor, check out the settings panel of your favorite apps and check to see if there’s a dark mode or theme available for you. Or just manually toggle the Dark Mode on your Android 10 device.

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