ShopSavvy was one of the first “wow” apps on Android thanks to its ability to scan a barcode and provide a quick price comparison between local and online retailers. The app has since faced pressure from several competing companies, including Google, but the latest version really pushes the company’s strength in the buying and selling process.

Yes, buying and selling. ShopSavvy 5 now supports selling items that you own directly within the app. The feature is still in beta according to ShopSavvy, but it’s available in the app if you know how to look for it. To sell an item, scan a barcode as you normally would. Then when the results appear, press Options > Sell This Product yourself and enter the pricing/condition information. Then other users who search for that item will be able to see and purchase it.

ShopSavvy has sort of created a mobile Craigslist. Deal hunters often go to that site to purchase cheaper items, but they also do comparison shopping at brick-and-mortar and online retailers. By being able to show how much an item costs new at Best Buy, Amazon, and Joe down the block, ShopSavvy could become a central place to try and locate deals. It will take a lot of adoption for that to happen, but it’s an interesting change of pace for the app.

Also new in ShopSavvy 5 is the digital wallet feature that allows consumers to make a purchase directly within the app. The “one tap” purchasing will let consumers enter their payment and shipping data into an account with ShopSavvy. It will always be ready for quick purchasing should the member spot a deal. So instead of paying $ 59 for Modern Warfare 3 in Target, you select an online retailer selling it for $ 49 and pay for it within the app. About 50 retailers and growing are supported, according to ShopSavvy. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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