Sleepy Jack is a newly released Xperia Play exclusive game by the makers of Cordy. Luckily, I have a Play, and I can let you in on our top-secret gaming experiences. Sleepy Jack is like Cordy in its simplicity and artistic style, but adds a notch of complexity and difficulty that Cordy never had. While Sleepy Jack is an Xperia Play exclusive as of this writing, I’m sure it will come to the rest of the market after a month or so.

Sleepy Jack is a flying game with lots of Zzz (think “Zees”)to collect and robots to shoot. Did I mention this is all happening in a little boy’s dream? Your objective is to help Jack get a perfect night’s sleep by collecting Zzz or music notes to keep Jack sleeping soundly. Robots and a lack of Zzz will disturb Jack and wake him up prematurely. If only my dreams were this entertaining…

Keeping Sleepy Jack asleep is pretty easy. You fly towards the Zs or musical notes while barrel rolling or speeding away from enemy robots and their bullets. There are a few jumps and obstacles during the levels, but they are limited in number as Sleepy Jack is catered towards a younger crowd. While there are slight differences in levels, they are all straight-forward with the same gaming elements throughout.

I would like Sleepy Jack to be a touch harder and have more and differing challenges and puzzles. It isn’t the simplistic game that Cordy was, but it is bordering on being too easy. It would also be nice to see the developers up the graphics level and move on to less childish characters (especially for the hardcore gamers who bought the Xperia Play).

In the end, there is a Hard difficulty setting which is a better challenge, and SilverTree Media has shown their thorough knowledge of creating Android Games. Sleepy Jack is another fun game for the Playstation-certified phone to flaunt. So, if you’re in the mood for a new game on your Xperia Play, look for Sleepy Jack to help you fall asleep sans gun-toting robots.

My Rating: 4/5 Zzz

App: Sleepy Jack

Developer: SilverTree Media

Price. $ 0.99

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