Make a quick search for RPGs on Google Play and you’ll find numerous quality Japanese RPGs (JRPGs) from publishers like Square-Enix, HyperDevbox, and Tecmo Koei. Although pretty much every RPG fans know the Final Fantasy titles by heart, it can be difficult for even genre fans to tell the mass of mobile JRPGs apart.

COLOPL, a Japanese developer who specializes in mobile games, has found a way to make RPGs seem fresh and new: add slingshot mechanics! Slingshot Braves is a free-to-play JPRG with the most unique battle system in town. Instead of menu-based or action-oriented combat, players attack by slingshotting their characters into enemy monsters. The slingshot combat and 2-player co-op missions make for a surprisingly fun and distinct entry in the role-playing genre.

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