Rhett Spencer, CTO at Chamtech Enterprises, recently took to the stage at Google’s Solve for X event to talk about a new nano spray-on antenna material which could revolutionize the way service providers deploy cell towers. It could also increase cellphone energy efficiency by 10 percent.

The spray-on antenna was originally conceived when Chamtech was contacted by the US Military to help them create a conforming antenna for special ops since traditional antenna systems were bulky and hard to hide from the enemy. Chamtech came up with a solution which could be painted on to nearly any surface (trees, buildings and even existing antenna) which transmits and receives radio frequencies much better than standard copper wire solutions.

The end result is a technology which can enable a cell phone to transmit twice as far with the same amount of power or transmit the same distance with only half the power.

This spray-on antenna solution has been tested on RFID tags (increasing the effective range from 5 feet to 700 feet) and even an iPhone which saw an increase of 20 dBm (roughly a 40 percent increase). Chamtech is looking to collaborate with multiple industries and already has its spray-on antenna solution available for purchase.

How long do you think it’ll be before a smartphone manufacturer starts using Chamtech’s spray-on antenna technology to enhance handset signal strength?

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