There are literally millions of songs available to listen to at any given moment, so music streaming services need to have a unique aspect in order to stick out from the crowd. Songza, a streaming music service that has been on the market for a while, does that by introducing an app centered on “expertly-chosen” playlists that feature songs perfect for many occasions. And with its Songza HD app for Android tablets, the music is even sweeter.

Songza HD works on tablets, including the Gingerbread-powered Kindle Fire, but it requires only Android 2.2 or higher. The extra space leads to a focused design that lists playlists according to a Mood, so users can listen to aggressive dubstep when working out or cool dubstep when they want to relax to a quaking soundtrack. There are dozens of moods, and playlists that accommodate them, but users can also get songs based on activities or genre. Fire up 60′s salsa for ballroom dancing, 2011 CMA awards for a country picnic, or psychedelic rock when getting high. (That’s a category, I’m not advocating drug use.)

I consider myself a huge music fan and have very particular tastes, so Songza’s spot-on playlists surprised me. I only reached for the skip button once or twice after using the service for a week. There are plenty of hits and rare gems included in playlists, so browse by culture, time period, or recommendations. Songza can search a library of 14.5 million songs for artists, save playlists for quick access, and share with friends. If you ever get the urge to hear great music and turn over the virtual turntables to trustworthy DJ’s, download this app. Best of all, there are no streaming limits or advertising!

(Songza HD is designed for tablets, but it also works on phones in landscape mode only. A more traditional, phone-friendly version is also available for Android 2.1+)

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