Sony Tablet S price gets cut down to $  399.99

Sony has done the sensible thing in cutting the price of its Honeycomb-operated Tablet S by $ 100. At the moment, anyone can pick up the 16GB for $ 399.99, or the 32GB model for $ 499.99. Sony also sweetens the deal with a slew of throw-ins which include five free PlayStation Classic game downloads, 180 days of its basic Music Unlimited service (which is Pandora-like), and an $ 8 voucher for movie rentals along with five free rentals from the company’s Video Unlimited service.

For those who don’t remember, specs on the Tablet S include a 9.4-inch 1280×800 display, front and rear cameras, Android Honeycomb, 1GB system memory, NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and eight hours of rated battery life.

As you can see, the price drop for this type of device is respectable, but is it too late in the tablet game for it to make a difference? I have a hard time believing that customers will choose this tab over beastly quad-core slates like the Asus Transformer Prime rolling out in the next few weeks. Also, with CES approaching, it might make better sense to just hold on to your money until you see what’s coming down the pipeline.

That said, Sony isn’t the only tablet manufacturer to cut its pricing. This price cutting seems to be a growing trend among all OEMs who make Android slates, while the iPad seems to be unfazed. At some point, these companies will have to make more sacrifices on quality to compete when it comes to price point.

Source: Sony Store, via The Verge

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