Only a week after SONY unveiled the Xperia Ion and Xperia S at CES, a leaked image has hit the web which lists twelve Android powered smartphones from Sony which are expected to hit the market between March and Setpember. Full specifications for all twelve phones are not currently available, but we do have price points and launch months for each device.

The list kicks off withthe Sony Xperia S, which we saw at CES. The handset is pegged with a March release date, matching what we heard from Sony last week. The next three devices are listed under their code names (Kumquat, Nypon and Pepper) and should hit store shelves in April. Not much is known about these three handsets, but Nypon is rumored to sport a 4-inch “WhiteMagic” display while the Pepper is said to feature a 3.7-inch Reality Display.

If the list holds true, Sony’s summer releases should include the Olive I, Hayabusa, Tapioca, Tapioca DS and Lotus. Based on the price points of their devices, we can expect the Sony Hayabusa (listed at $ 632) to be the company’s summer flagship device while the Tapioca and Tapioca DS (listed at $ 188 and $ 208) could be this year’s replacements for the Xperia X10 Mini and Mini Pro, which Sony unveiled nearly two years ago.

The Atlas I, AFFM and Mint I are scheduled for a September release and are the last three devices to make the list.The only one to really stand out is the Sony Mint I which is listed with a $ 720 price tag. To give you a little perspective on the price, that’s about $ 50 more than it would cost you to import a penta-band GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus or $ 30 more that the Samsung Galaxy Note. We’re not sure what Sony has planned with the Mint I, but we’re expecting something truly amazing for $ 720.

We’re expecting most of these phones to launch in Europe, Asia and Canada, but we may get lucky as see a few of them make their way to the US market as well. After spending some quality time talking with a few different people at the Sony booth at CES, we got the feeling that Sony will be working extra hard this year to change their approach with US service providers.

With Mobile World Congress right around the corner, we’re expecting more details about Sony’s 2012 lineup to surface over the next few weeks. Do you think Sony has what it takes to catch up with Samsung, HTC and Motorola?

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