Over 1850 jobs and 205 stores and service centers are cut as carrier attempts to slim down

It’s no secret that Sprint has been coming up short in terms of earnings for several quarters now, and following its buyout by SoftBank the carrier is starting to make some cuts to help that bottom line. The nation’s third-place carrier confirmed that it is cutting over 1850 jobs and shutting down 205 under-performing stores and repair centers across the country in an effort to cut costs.

330 of the jobs cut are repair technicians, which along with the shutdown of 150 repair centers will reduce the number of people available for fixing and refurbishing Sprint devices. That means fewer stores will be able to repair and refurbish phones with a quick turn-around, but Sprint claims that the shutdowns shouldn’t noticeably change service times. Although not every store can fix phones, customers will be referred to another store that can within a 45 minute drive.

Another 1550 jobs will be cut from customer service positions, roughly 1000 of which were call center jobs in Texas and Florida. A full 55 retail locations are also closing, which Sprint said were its lowest-performing stores. Again, the store cuts aren’t expected to impact the availability of service for customers in any meaningful way.


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