When Google and Samsung got together to announce the Galaxy Nexus, they made it very clear that there will be two different models of the device coming to market. There will be one version with HSPA+ (that has AT&T and T-Mobile bands on board) and one model with LTE (the one coming to Verizon). Unfortunately for Sprint customers, there was no WiMax Nexus announced.

We wrote about this on the night the Galaxy Nexus was unveiled because it just doesn’t seem right. Sprint and Google have been in bed together for awhile now. Sprint is allowing Google to use their network to experiment on. With Google Voice and Google Wallet, the nation’s third largest carrier is letting the Big G beta test with their customers. And let’s not forget the Nexus S 4G. It took awhile to come out, but Google made yet another special version of the Nexus S just for Sprint. Taking those two things into consideration, you have to figure Google will be bringing the Galaxy Nexus to Sprint eventually, right? Well thanks to a leaked purchase order obtained by Brief Mobile, it looks like a Sprint Nexus may be coming sooner than later.

This is by no means an official confirmation, but a Sprint purchase order for Nexus Prime promotional materials has surfaced online. This coincides perfectly with recent rumors that the Galaxy Nexus has already been spotted inside Sprint’s computer systems. There’s still no word on when the Nexus will launch on Sprint, or for how much, but this is a good sign that the device is coming.

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