Plans currently limited to just four approved Sprint devices, and it’s a terrible deal

Sprint is working to expand its plan options for those looking to save a little money by launching own-branded prepaid offerings. After previously pushing prepaid customers to its lower brands Boost and Virgin, Sprint is now bringing things in-house with two plans and four devices that keep monthly costs lower. Things break down to choosing either a $ 45 plan with unlimited talk and text but no data (okay…) or a $ 60 plan for unlimted talk, text and data — with 2.5GB of full-speed data, throttled thereafter.

As you’d expect from Sprint, the plans are limited to just a handful of approved devices that can be purchased from Sprint — no word on BYOD right now. If you choose to go prepaid, you have the option of a Moto G ($ 99), a Samsung Galaxy S3 ($ 299), Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini ($ 349) or a pre-owned iPhone 4S ($ 199). Sprint says it plans to expand the device offerings this year, and also start to include featurephones and appropriate plans for the cheaper devices. Though we wouldn’t expect anything approaching a high-end device to show up on the prepaid side of things — Sprint wants your expensive phone to be running on its expensive plans.

Actually, in their current state, it’s hard to understand why a single person would be interested in using these prepaid plans.


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