The Android Market is home to some foolish, misinformed, and down-right nasty comments. We’ve tried to stem the tide by providing suggestions for etiquette, but the flow of head-scratching reviews continues unabated. Thanks to recent changes made to the Android Market, you can help highlight questionable comments and educate – or at least entertain – your fellow Android users.

Stupid Market Comments is a new Google+ page that’s all about the foolish comments left by people browsing the Android Market. After I posted one such review on the +Androinica page, skin designer Karl Smith suggested a tumblr page that would highlight similar comments. +Stupid Market Comments was born a few days later. Add it to your circle and you’ll occasionally see gems from people making comments that having nothing to do with the app, ignoring descriptions and features, or just leaving comments that open them up for a playful jab.

Interested? Great, because you can contribute to the page. Karl can’t monitor the Android Market all the time, so it would help if you could send him tips. Last night, Google unveiled a new feature on the Android Market website that lets users directly link to a comment. That means you can easily shine a light on silly sayings you spot in the Market. Click the chain icon next to the comment and post the link on Google+ by mentioning +Stupid Market Comments.

Or don’t. I don’t care either way. I’m only writing this post to get credits on Life is Crime.

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