T-Mobile’s having a huge ”New Year, New Phone” sale this weekend

With the financial crisis being far from over for most technology enthusiasts today, any sale or discount, no matter how big or small, becomes pure gold! But what about a sale where you can get any Android smartphone, from the Samsung Galaxy S 4G II to the LG Optimus T, for just 49.99 dollars or less? How does that sound…?

T-Mobile will be organising this huge sale, which will take place this weekend, starting Friday January 6 and ending Sunday January 8. Of course, there are a bunch of conditions to be met in order to qualify for the sale, but if you ask me you can still get some pretty nice deals…

First of all, you have to be a customer with new activations and add-a-lines or with existing Classic, Legacy or Value Plan contracts. Secondly, you have to sign a 2-year contract, no matter what smartphone will you choose from T-Mobile’s offer. Thirdly, you will have to activate or upgrade to Unlimited Value Plan with qualifying data feature.

Finally, you will have to opt for plans with at least 2 GB of data a month (for most handsets) or with 5 GB or more of data, for high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 4G II or the HTC Amaze.

You also have to know that most of the offers include mail-in rebates, so you will actually have to initially pay 150 or 200 dollars before getting back some of the money… For example, if you want to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S II (I for one really want it!), you will have to make a down payment of 199.99 bucks, after which you will receive a mail-in rebate of $ 150. The monthly EIP payment will be of only 20 dollars and you will be the lucky owner of one of the best Android-powered smartphone right now!

If I didn’t manage to make the offer clear enough for everybody, please check out the table below detailing all of the requirements or click the source link at the end of our article! Happy shopping everybody and try to only buy what you need!


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