Unlimited texting to any Simple Global country from the U.S. now free, even for prepaid accounts

It’s hard to deny that T-Mobile is enjoying the positive effects of introducing and iterating on its Simple Choice no-contract plans. This is going to be another interesting month for the carrier, as on March 23rd T-Mobile is increasing data allowances for all of its customers automatically without increasing prices on any but the highest tier plan.

T-Mobile’s basic Simple Choice plan at $ 50 per month will give you 1GB of high-speed data (unlimited at 2G speeds, of course), double what is currently offered. Additional lines still cost just $ 30 for the second line and $ 10 for additional lines thereafter, each having the same 1GB of high-speed data. Any line can spend another $ 10 monthly and get 3GB of high-speed data, up from 2.5GB previously. A new option will give data-hungry customers 5GB of high-speed data for a $ 20 upgrade instead (that’s $ 70 monthly now instead of $ 50).

But of course the truly unlimited plan isn’t going away. T-Mobile will still let you use as much high-speed data as you’d like, along with 5GB of tethering (up from 2.5GB) for $ 30 additional each month per line — this being the one slip-up as it’s actually $ 10 more expensive than its predecessor. Just as before, all plans give you access to all of your high-speed data for tethering or hotspot as well.

Source: T-Mobile


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