Pre-orders begin March 24 both in-store and online

Carriers are starting to spill the beans on the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and T-Mobile has just released its own pricing information. The Galaxy S5 will run $ 0 down and $ 27.50 per month when paired with one of its Simple Choice plans, or if you want to buy outright you’ll be spending a full $ 660. Pre-orders will go live on March 24th (that’s this coming Monday) both in stores and online at, and T-Mobile states that anyone who pre-orders before March 31st will receive this “special introductory price.”

Now it isn’t exactly clear whether the full $ 660 is the “special” price, or just the fact that it’s $ 0 down, or what the full price after March 31st will be. The information we have now shows just that one price, which at $ 660 in total seems like the “normal” price to us. But T-Mobile has done weirder things with phone pricing, so we’ll have to just wait till Monday to see.

Source: T-Mobile


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