T-Mobile launches unlimited Full Monty plans in the UK starting February 1

Even though there were rumors a couple of days ago about T-Mobile’s new unlimited plans, they have been officially unveiled only today. The ‘’Full Monty’’ plans will be made available in the UK starting February 1 (in two days, that is) and offer unlimited texts, calls, Internet and WiFi.

And trust me, even though you might have heard this ‘’unlimited plan’’ marketing scheme before, the Full Monty from T-Mobile is nothing like I myself have ever seen. That is because it offers exactly what is advertised, which is unlimited everything with no fair use restrictions.

Furthermore, the plans will be made available on all phones in the T-Mobile range, including Android handsets, iPhones and so on. Of course, you have to pay for receiving such ‘’premium’’ services, but, as far as I’m concerned, 41 pounds per month (which is around 65 bucks), is not very much, especially for business users or for those of you who travel a lot and need a way of staying in touch with people close to you.

To get access to this great T-Mobile offer, you lucky Brits will have to sign new 24 month contracts and what’s even sweeter than sweet is that the carrier allows unlimited tethering (using a smartphone as an internet connection for a notebook or tablet) as well as the regular texts, calls and accessing the internet on your handset.

As I already mentioned, the offer will go live in less than 48 hours and for additional details, as well as for signing up to the Full Monty plans, you should check out this link right here.

If you don’t live in the UK, tough luck, but don’t sweat it, because I have a good feeling that the major American carriers are preparing such nice offers as well for the near future.


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