Samsung and T-Mobile have announced that they will be releasing a “sleek snow white” version of the popular Galaxy S II superphone in time for the holiday season. They did not announce retail availability or price points for the white Galaxy S II, though we expect the phone will be available in T-Mobile stores and may very well make its way to Best Buy, which has a history of selling alternatively-colored Android phones.

The black version of the Galaxy S II is currently retailing for $ 229.99 with a new two-year agreement, and we have to believe that the white version will retail for the same. It is possible that the snow-white Galaxy S II will come in at a lower price point on a holiday sale, however, and T-Mobile and Samsung are promising more information on the release soon. For now, they’ve released a short teaser video to hold you over.

Though the white Galaxy S II is certainly a sleek device, we certainly hope it doesn’t come with seven dwarfs in the box (athankyou). Who out there is planning on picking up the white version of the S II when it launches this holiday season? Anyone else think this looks way too much like the white iPhone? Sound off below.

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