If there’s something T-Mobile and Walmart are both known for, it’s their pocket-friendly philosophy. Both companies have just announced a new family plan for those who want to step into the smartphone world without hurting their bank accounts. Not only is this offer affordable, but it’s completely unlimited and commitment-free.

This plan offers unlimited talk, text and web at the low price of $ 45 (for the first line) and $ 35 for each additional line. This would translate to $ 80 for two lines, $ 115 for 3 lines and so on. There are no contracts involved, which may be a bit more costly the first month, but it all pays off in the long run.

Don’t run to your nearest Walmart location just yet, though. There are some important details you might want to know. First, the plan only offers 3G speeds. This means that data-hungry 4G users will not be able to keep their high speeds.

If you’re willing to live without 4G data speeds, you might want to hurry and get this plan soon. Those who sign up before March 16 will be able to enjoy 5 GB of 3G data per month, while those who sign up after said date will have to make due with 250 MB. After reaching the data limit, users will be throttled to lower speeds.

There’s also a one-time $ 25 starter kit per line required. All of this may add up to an inconvenient start (you would need to purchase phones at full price and pay for the bill, as well as the fees), but it will be much cheaper after months start adding up.

We would recommend this plan for those who do not mind lower speeds or the low data cap after March 16. It is very affordable compared to the other 3 major carriers, and having no contracts and limitations is always a plus. It would definitely be a great option for first-time smartphone users or for the kids.

What do you guys say? Signing up for this new family plan? Would you rather keep your 4G speeds?

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According to a recent Harris Interactive study, 65% of smartphone users said they use their smartphone’s picture sharing capability most when connecting with family and friends. That’s just one reason why T-Mobile and Walmart recently made their Walmart Family Mobile plan better than ever – adding Unlimited Web to their already great offer of Unlimited Talk and Text. Rolling onto shelves now, the new Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text and Web plan is only $ 45 per month for the first line and $ 35 per month for additional lines and is available at Walmart stores nationwide and on Walmart.com.

Additionally, 44% of first-time smartphone buyers in 2012 say the cost of the data plan associated with a smartphone is the most influential reason they have not purchased a smartphone before. For the first time, this monthly postpaid, no-annual contract plan is offering Unlimited Web service, providing full access to Web surfing, data and social media for all lines on the account and is one of the best value options available on any national carrier. Walmart Family Mobile was designed with families in mind, and offers the most affordable way to enjoy high-quality postpaid 3G service. To encourage families to get connected sooner, customers activating the new plan now until March 16th will enjoy the first 5GB per month per line at up to 3G speeds until March 31st. Customers activating after March 16th can enjoy the first 250MB per month per line at up to 3G speeds.

For more information about the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text and Web plan, please visit www.walmartfamilymobile.com or www.myfamilymobile.com

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