Smash Hit

Mediocre Games’ latest title is addicting fun

Tap the screen to throw a ball. Break crystals and glass obstacles with said balls. Now, do it fast and try not to waste your limited supply.

That’s the simple, but plesantly addictive new title Smash Hit from Mediocre Games — the folks who brought us Sprinkle and Granny Smith. Like their previous titles, Smash Hit isn’t defined by complicated control schemes or exhaustive storylines, and instead uses soothing scenery, strategy, and your fast reflexes to progress.

You drift forward, and as you move along you’ll see blue crystal pylons that just beg to be smashed to smithereens by the balls you can throw. Hit one, get three balls added to your supply. Hit ten in a row, get a bonus. Hit bonus tokens, get their bonus as well. It’s not a cake walk, though. There are also obstacles like doors that need activated with a carefully aimed ball, or glass panels that move into your path. Hit one of these obstacles and you lose some of your balls. It’s not fun to lose your balls.

There’s plenty of hours of great gameplay here. Things pick up rather quickly, but you start slow enough to get a good grasp if the game mechanics. Mediocre has done a great job balancing this one.

The game is optimized for Tegra 4 devices — it plays very nice on the Tegra Note — but it also plays just fine on Snapdragon-powered phones. I’ve ahem tested it (I love my job) on the Note 3, the Nexus 5, the HTC One, the Moto X and the Xperia Z Ultra. It runs wihtout a hitch at medium graphics. I imagine that any modern Android will handle it just fine.

You can check out the free version at the Google Play link above. I think you’ll like what you see.


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