All Access subscribers will get the best experience, but this is a neat trick just for your own collection

Google is constantly working on the back-end service side of Google Now, as evidenced by the new key phrases you can say to the app to do things, even without an app update. We saw “take a picture” and “take a video” earlier this week, and now you can simply say “play some music” and watch Google Now start up Google Play Music for you and launch straight into music.

Google Play Music will be launching to play an “I’m feeling lucky” radio station, which is based on your listening habits and gives an “infinite” playlist of music. Google Play Music All Access makes this even better if you don’t have a big music library of your own — and at $ 9.99 per month we’re sure many of you are subscribers now. More than a few people are sure to take advantage of this feature when they just want to hear some music and let Google choose the tracks.

Via: +Google


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