Apple’s iPhone 4S may dominate sales in the US, but it looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S II has established full dominance in Samsung’s home market. Samsung has just announced that they have sold five million Galaxy S II’s in South Korea since the phone’s late April debut. To put that into perspective, more than one in ten South Koreans (current population estimates hover around 48 million) are walking around with a Galaxy S II in their hand.

What’s even more impressive is that the Samsung Galaxy S II accounts for 1 in 4 of all smartphones sold in the country and has helped Samsung recure an impressive 53% market share of South Korea’s smartphone sales. The hope is that other Android manufacturers will notice the tremendous success that can be achieved with a single Android phone and replicate Samsung’s business strategy of delivering only one or two true flagship devices per year rather than flooding the market with dozens of iterative handset.

There’s no doubt that consumers are loving what Samsung is doing with Android. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress in a few short weeks. We’re not exactly sure what they have planned, but Samsung’s track record leads us to beleive that the new device will be even more successful than last year’s Galaxy S II.

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