The ‘uncarrier’ serves up 200MB of free 2G data overseas, but it’s worth splurging on a full data pass for proper roaming

Every year before heading to Spain for Mobile World Congress you can find journalists asking each other “what are you doing for data this year?” Finding a local SIM card is always an option, of course, provided you’ve got a SIM-unlocked device. But I’ve usually found that to be a waste of time versus the money you save, at least in Spain.

And the hassle of tracking down a local SIM card (not every country sells them out of airport vending machines and kiosks) became even less attractive in the fall of 2013 when T-Mobile introduced free roaming data along with its Simple Choice plans.

But, as always, there’s a catch. 

We keep a pretty good eye on the best options for international roaming if you’re on a U.S. carrier. I took T-Mobile for a spin through an airport in France, and later in Barcelona. What follows are a few anecdotal thoughts.


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