There are a lot of good file managers for Android, but which one should you use?

Some phones come with basic file managers. Some don’t. Or maybe you just want a better file manager. Search Google Play and you’ll find lots of file managers out there to help you organize files on your Android devices and SD cards. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when taking a look at all those options.

Ratings given by users on Google Play can help us know about the quality of apps. We’ve included those ratings for the apps we’re mentioning here, and most of these file managers have fared pretty well with the general Google Play populace. Most of the ones we’re mentioning have scores of 4.5 or above. Of course, Google Play ratings are subject to change. The ratings we mention are current as of the writing of this article.

There are file managers with many kinds of interfaces and different layers of functionality out there, so at least one file manager is bound to suit your needs and preferences. Most file managers will share some functionality, like the ability to view and delete files. Most of these play well with cloud storage options as well.

Join us as we give an overview of the similarities and differences between file managers. Maybe you’ll find one that you like a bit better than what you’re using now.

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