An Amazon phone might make more sense than you think

Over the last month or so there have been enough informative leaks to say, almost with certainty, that Amazon will be releasing a phone. I say “almost” to leave the door open to a change in plans, however small that chance may be.

I recently learned that Amazon has hired several former BlackBerry designers. It sounds like they’ve brought smart people on board, and I can certainly understand why a good engineer would be tempted to go work for Amazon in light of what’s happened to BlackBerry over the past few years. BlackBerry has almost entirely lost its consumer market share and is busy returning to its enterprise roots. On the other hand, Amazon is practically 100 percent focused on the consumer — aside from its obvious leadership in cloud computing, which is enterprise and small-business focused.)

It’s interesting to think about Amazon’s intentions here. How will it make money selling phones if it doesn’t plan to sell them at a profit? Jeff Bezos has repeatedly said he doesn’t want to make money when you buy the phone, but instead when you use the phone.

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