The folks over at Gesture Theory have found a pretty significant bug in the Kindle UI that allows users to temporarily download any book in the Kindle store for free. That’s right, full access to paid books for free.

How it Works

When browsing the Kindle store, Amazon wants it to be simple for you to purchase content, utilizing their one-click ordering system. Before you’ve had a chance to finalize your purchase, Amazon begins to download the book in question onto your Kindle Fire. If you cancel the purchase and quickly navigate back to your home screen and launch the purchased book, it will continue to download the book to your device while the cancel order sits out there as pending.

Once you’re in the book, you’re in, at least temporarily. If you continue to read the book without closing it, you can read through the entire book from cover to cover. Once you close the book, you’re out of luck and the book will be deleted from your device.

We fully expect that Amazon is aware of this issue and is working hard to fix the problem. Don’t expect to be able to make use of this workaround for long. Of course, we don’t condone taking advantage of this vulnerability in the Kindle Fire’s UI, but we thought it was an interesting story nonetheless. Anyone out there tried this out yet?

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