A mere $ 50 gets you a good Bluetooth music streaming device from Motorola

This, folks, is the Motorola Stream. It’s a Bluetooth device that kicks music from your phone into a proper set of speakers. And that’s all it is. It’s not the Nexus Q reborn. For one, it’s much smaller. And while it’s cute in that icosahedronic sort of way, it just doesn’t have the same feel that the Nexus Q did. Yes, both flash lights at you, but the Motorola Stream does so in a more muted, understated way. Not in that same sort of “Take me to your leader” way.

What the Motorola Stream is, we’ll tell you, is about $ 250 cheaper than the Nexus Q — which by the way was never actually sold — and is available now from Motorola for $ 49.99.

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