It’s plastic, and it protects your Nexus 5

A day after it first went on sale on Google Play, we now have the official Nexus 5 Snap Case in our hot little hands. It’s a $ 29.99 plastic shell that fits onto the back of your Nexus 5, and it’s available in five colors — black (which has that nice matte, nearly soft-touch finish), aqua, gray, white and clear.

The phone sort of clicks into the case, and at that point it’s not going anywhere. (It actually takes a little bit of prying to get it back out again.) The entire back of the phone is protected, as are the sides. The top and bottom are left exposed, as is the camera house and, of course, the display. The case keeps the display from touching the desk when it’s left face-down, though, so you get a little extra protection that way. The power button and volume rocker are left exposed by cutouts in the case. It’s thin enough so that Qi wireless charging still works.

Google’s got its logo on the back, so bye-bye LG. We’re fine with that. Can’t say the same for the phone’s manufacturer.

All in all, not a bad little accessory, though it’s maybe a wee bit expensive. The matte finish also tends to pick up fingerprints, so keep that in mind when you’re picking a color.

Want more pics? We’ve got ’em.

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