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British tabloid newspaper The Sun has decided to head down the digital route, with the arrival of its very own subscription-based Android application.

The premise is quite promising if you’re a regular Sun reader. All the “news”, less of the paper. The first month’s subscription will set you back just £0.69, which is low enough to tempt those more sceptical readers to give it a whirl. After this, though, the subscription rate will rise to £4.99 per month. And of course you don’t need to head down to the local store every morning or tip the paperboy. The most obvious downfall, besides the fact that you’re reading The Sun, is the lack of Honeycomb and ICS support. Newspapers would look pretty sweet on a shiny new Transformer Prime don’t you think?

For those Android Central readers outside of the UK, The Sun is one of the biggest tabloid newspapers in the country and is owned by one Rupert “find me on Twitter” Murdoch. We’re not saying that installing this app will mean that The Sun will be listening in on your voicemails, not at all. But just in case — good morning, Mr Murdoch, we hope you’re well.

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