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Ever wondered what the typical Android user looks like? There’s no doubt we have our stereotypes for followers of specific operating systems, and Android is no exception. The guys from BlueStacks have just compiled information from Nielsen and a Facebook poll they conducted. The result is Mr. Android 2011.

It’s not so much a “look”; it’s a very fragmented image. Instead, this is an infographic that represents percentages of habits, lifestyles and preferences within the Android community.

There are, of course, the characteristics we expect to see not only in Android fans, but in human beings. Like the fact that 78% have a “normal-sized head” or 51% have “average-length hair.” Or the fact that most have black or brown hair. These are a given with any group of people, but things get more interesting as you move down the graph.

The vast majority of us like to wear t-shirts and jeans. 41% wear sneakers, which may be why people relate Android to lower income. It also seems 62% of us use our phones for playing games, while only 38% use them for work.

45% of us still wear a watch, which is interesting. We often hear people say that a watch is no longer necessary, since you can use your phone for the same purpose.

According to the infographic, a third of Android users do not have a single paid app on their phone, and average data consumption is 582 MB a month.

Yes, we sound like big nerds, right? Well the good news is: 63% of us have a significant other.

Take a look at the info graphic below to see more details, and let us know what you think. Let’s see how right this thing is. Where do you fall in these categories?

Let’s start with me. Black, long hair. American (well, Mexican American) with no glasses and a normal sized head. I usually wear t-shirts, but haven’t owned a pair of jeans since high school and prefer sneakers. No watch, and I mostly use Android for work (obviously).

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