If the new Google Play services app is any indication, Google wants to make it easier for developers to let you buy goods and services inside their app. Imagine this — an app for ShopAndroid that recognized your device, then let you click and buy accessories using Google Wallet. If things can get there (not quite yet, I imagine) it brings a new level of convenience for customers, and a great way for retailers to get you to click without leaving and checking out the competition. But this future-speak is just me thinking out loud. In the meantime, services like Amazon and eBay already allow you to buy almost anything under the sun right from their app.

The question is, do you? I do. I loves me some late-night-I-can’t sleep Amazon binges right from my phone or tablet. More than one bird cage (it’s a long story, and all Andrew Martonik’s fault) has ended up here that way. Tell us all if you like to spend your money right from your phone in the poll below or in the right sidebar on the home page.

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