Google Glass, still in its infancy, lends itself to unique experiences from all walks of life

Sometimes, there are no cut-and-dried answers. Or, if you prefer another cliche, the journey is what what’s important, not the destination. Perhaps that’s the point when it comes to Google Glass — the Borg-esque wearable computing accessory that can be described a million ways, but must be worn to truly experience.

Glass — aka Project Glass — was announced in typical Google fanfare at the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco in the summer of 2012. The Explorers program began in the spring of 2013, but Glass remained a pretty rare gadget. Part of that was the $ 1,500 price tag, but Google was limiting the number of folks in the Explorers program as well. Fast forward a year, and the number of Explorers has increased significantly. Early Explorers were allowed to invite friends. Those with Google Developer accounts came on board. More invites were served. Google Glass remains a pretty exclusive club, but one whose numbers are growing.

As unique as the Explorers themselves are the stories we have to tell. No two of us use Glass the same way. No two of us have the same experiences. We find similarities, sure. But for each one of us in the Explorers program, what we put into Glass — and what we get out of it — is what makes this endeavor so special.

These are our stories.

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