Most of us love all the apps we have on our phones and tablets. But we typically only use a dozen apps on a regular basis to satisfy our social, news and entertainment needs. Most of us use our camera to snap some pictures or record a few video clips, but there’s typically not much entertainment value wrapped up in our pictures or videos unless we get very creative. In an effort to change all that, Interactive Universe released an application called Lapse It earlier this year, which makes it incredibly easy to record time-lapse media.

Simply open Lapse It, choose the number of seconds between images, select between a color effect and hit the capture button. The application does not have any restrictions in the length of your recording, but we suggest you keep your battery charged up and a clean memory card if you want to record that 12 hour road trip.

Once you’re done recording, you have the option to render your video in MP4, MOV or FLV formats in a variety of resolutions and frame rates. The free version of Lapse It only allows you to export your video in 240p, but we suggest you spring for the $ 1.99 in-app purchase to unlock the 720p export option.

It still takes a little bit of effort to create a good time-lapse video, but Lapse It takes all the hard work out of the mix and allows you to focus on capturing the right shots.  If you’ve used Lapse It or any similar app, sound off in the comments.  We’d love to see the time-lapse videos you’ve made. How creative do you get with your phone’s camera?

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