TiVo Android app launches for phones and 7-inch tablets

TiVo – the company that freed you from absolutely having to be on the couch when your favorite TV program was on and you didn’t want to miss it, but you still didn’t want to use a VCR to record – is now on Android. Late last evening, TiVo debuted its app that is compatible with Android 2.1 phones and 7-inch tablets. Why the limitation to 7-inch? No clue, and TiVo doesn’t really say why in the Market listing.

For the people with devices that are compatible, the Tivo app becomes the “command central” for a TiVo DVR. The app provides a remote control function that creates a virtual remote on the screen for swapping between Live TV, changing channels, initiating recordings, and browsing through the guide.

A dedicated Guide page shows program listings for the moment or up to 14 days in advance. Users can browse the guide directly on the phone rather than on-screen, and the typical categories for finding specific shows and movies are available. There’s also a search function if you’re looking for something particular.

TiVo can schedule a recording remotely, so you can record a show while you’re at work and have it waiting for you when you come home. It also manages Season Pass recordings and can delete or reposition shows in the queue.

The app clocks in at a rather large 15 MB, and a couple of people in the Market comments section say this doesn’t appear to work for DirecTV TiVo’s or older models. You can give it a go by downloading from the Android Market, but keep in mind that there’s no guarantee this will work on your set-up.

via Engadget

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