Several folks have pointed out a potentially troubling sight from yesterday’s Galaxy Nexus videos: the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus will include a small amount of Verizon bloatware. Included in Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus are two Verizon-branded applications, My Verizon Mobile and Verizon Backup Assistant.

Though these are actually two of the more useful of Verizon’s applications, it changes the fundamental understanding of what makes the Nexus line so wonderful. The Nexus series are meant to be pure Google devices, meaning they would only include applications and features that are baked into the stock version of the Android operating system.

Many people have been making a stink about this move, though in the grand scheme of things it probably doesn’t matter. The hardcore Android users who are most likely to be upset about this move are likely going to root their devices and will then be able to remove this bloatware. Other Verizon customers will likely not be bothered by the few applications Verizon has chosen to include.

What do you guys think? Is bloatware on the Galaxy Nexus a big problem, or are you planning to root your device anyway?

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