When I got my first Android phone a little over three years ago, one of my favorite things was to browse the Android Market and watch which apps were being pushed to the Android Market. Developers soon began to exploit the Just In section of the Android Market with fake updates to get their app to the top of the list, so Google eventually removed that feature.

Now when I want to see what’s new in the Android Market, I turn to AppAware. I’ve covered the app before and it’s been around for a couple years, but they just relaunched a couple months ago with a completely overhauled version that turned the service into a social network for app discovery.

The developers are awesome guys (you might have noticed they power our app stats widgets around the site), and they constantly update AppAware with exciting new features. Filters allow you to browse apps by category and drill down into your friends apps, location, trending, popular, and yes they even have a Just In tab now.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps is to look at what people are actually updating, and not focus on which apps have the most installs. This shows me which apps have active support from their developers and sometimes reminds me of an old app that I might have removed long ago.

The following is a Top 10 list of apps which were updated in the last seven days and received the most updates during that time period on AppAware. I hope you enjoy this weekly feature and discover some apps that you might find useful.

WhatsApp Messenger – Version 2.7.3581

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. It allows you to say goodbye to SMS and provides a bunch of new features like group messaging. I have never used the app, but it currently has over 10 million installs in the Android Market with an average review score of 4.6.

What’s in this version:

  • Critical bug fix for Samsung devices that would “lose” their registration
  • Notification coloring bug fix for Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

Go Launcher EX – Version 2.78

If you hate the custom skin that came with you Android phone then Go Launcher EX is a must install. There are many home replacement apps out there, but Go Launcher has always been one of my favorites. It has a ton of support from the Go Dev Team and there are an endless number of themes available. Go Launcher also has over 10 million downloads with an average review score of 4.7.

What’s in this version:

  • (New) Click on search button to enter app search in app drawer (also available by long pressing menu button)
  • (Improve) Operation experience and UI details of app search
  • (Improve) Home screen grids when moving icons and widgets
  • (Fix) Blur error after custom the color of app label
  • (Fix) No content error when enter the GO widget list

AppAware – Version 3.0.9

I’ve already praised AppAware above, so I suggest you just go install the app and try it out. The new version only has between 10-50k installs, but I see it reaching into the millions in the coming months. This is the ultimate app for people who love apps.

What’s in this version:

  • Added Avatar Picks: curated lists of Android apps you should not miss!
  • Added the possibility to post comments also on Facebook
  • Faster download of images and screenshots
  • Bug fixes

Official eBay – Version

I haven’t used eBay in years, but I know a ton of people who still check it every week, including my dad. The official app is a great way to manage your account and surf for the latest deals. It currently has over 10 million installs with an average review score of 4.2.

What’s in this version:

  • Remembers the eBay site you selected, even after you sign out
  • Fixes to address application errors reported in the Android market logs
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

Shazam – Version Varies with Device

Shazam is pure magic and one of my all time favorite Android apps. It instantly identifies music and now TV commercials and then provides more information about them. I’m constantly surprised by the new features that get thrown into it with each update. They recently added the ability to display lyrics in-sync with the music, which is a feature I love. Shazam has over 10 million installs with an average review score of 4.5.

What’s in this version:

  • Speed improvements: we’ve given our App an extra adrenaline shot so you can identify audio even faster!
  • Bug fixes

Tiny Flashlight + LED – Version Varies with Device

Tiny Flashlight is always my flashlight app of choice when I move to a new device. It’s the first to support many new devices and is constantly updated. The latest version improves stability and adds a share option.

What’s in this version:

  • Minor update – improved stability and optimized internal structures
  • Option to share Tiny Flashlight with your friends (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, E-Mail)

ROM Manager – Version

Just as the Market description says, ROM Manager is a must have app for any root user. It allows you to make complete backups of your device, flash your recovery image, install ROMs over the air, and a ton more features. They recently passed 3 million installs and have an average review score of 4.7.

What’s in this version:

  • Fix bug on Rezound and other HTC phones where external sd couldn’t be detected

TuneIn Radio – Version 5.4

Pandora is my personal choice for streaming music, but TuneIn Radio has gained popularity quickly. TuneIn offers over 50,000 local and global stations and 1.2 million on-demand programs. An update to the previous version 5.3 added a Car Mode, which lets you listen to your favorite music, sports and news simply by speaking a command into your Android phone or tablet.

What’s in this version:

  • Swipe right and left to easily access presets, recommended stations and options
  • Options to auto-restart your last played station and prevent auto lock
  • Improved car mode experience
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed crashes

Google+ – Version Varies with Device

Most of our audience is familiar with the Google+ app, that has been adding features at a crazy pace. The latest update improved performance, added a What’s Hot section, let’s users who +1′d content, and added several other enhancements. Make sure you grab this update if you have not installed it yet.

What’s in this version:

  • Massive performance improvements across the app
  • What’s Hot!
  • View who +1′d a post or comment
  • Stream posts shortened to fit more per scroll
  • Infinite photos feed in ‘From your circles’
  • Stream no longer jumps to the top for an automatic refresh

TripAdvisor – Version 2.0

TripAdvisor is an app and service that I have never used, but over 1 million people have it currently installed and gave it an average review score of 4.5. Their tagline is “Plan and have your perfect trip with TripAdvisor.” They also supply a number of city guide apps for some of the largest tourist destinations. The latest version 2.0 added a new layout for tablets. I like to travel, so I’m downloading this to my own tablet right now.

What’s in this version:

  • New design for Android tablets

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